Monday, April 25, 2011

Microwave Tips and Tricks...

Well, ok, I know they never had microwaves in the 1950's, so what on earth is this post doing on my blog? Let me just say that throughout my blog I am aiming to recreate the simplicity of the mid century lives my grandmothers lived, as well as aesthetics of the era. If there was something around that made their careers as homemakers more efficient, more effective and less hard work, they would have been onto it !!!

I remember Grandma Jean working over an old fashioned wringer 'washing machine' on washday, cooking scrumptious dishes on a woodfired stove, sewing clothing on her treadle singer sewing machine, and preserving an abundance of fruit from the orchard with her Fowlers kit.

Nanna Alice enjoyed doing her housework to music on her hi-fi system, polished her linoleum floor with a vacuum like floor polishing machine, and had a beautiful collection of photographs of her life that she had taken on her box brownie.

They weren't always after the latest fad invention, they cared for their appliances etc and made them last a lifetime.....but a wringer washing machine was worlds apart from a washboard and tub; a hi-fi system to enjoy made housework so much more pleasant; a singer sewing machine was far more effective than hand stitching everything. And today, a microwave can help make your life as a home-maker (in full time capacity or otherwise!) much more effective too.......let me share with you some clever ways how:

Poached eggs:

I love to cook my eggs this way - it is so quick and leaves practically no mess to clean up at all. Simply crack two eggs into a mug with a drip of water (really, you hardly need any water at all). Pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Let sit in the microwave for 10 seconds, and heat again for 30 seconds. When you remove your eggs should be poached to can increase or decrease the time of the second heating session depending on how runny you like your yolks. *** The reason for the two heating sessions is to prevent the egg from over heating all at once and splattering all over the microwave.

5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake:

Friends dropped in for afternoon tea unexpectedly and you have nothing to eat with your plunger coffee? Quickly pop

4 Tbspoons plain flour
4 Tbspoons sugar
2 Tbspoons cocoa
 in a mug and mix well.


1 Egg and mix

Pour in and mix

3 Tbspoons milk
3 Tbspoons Oil or melted butter
Splash vanilla extract

you can add 3 Tbspoons choc chips if you have them too !!

Wack in the microwave for 3 mins on high. The cake will rise up above the top of the mug, but don't be alarmed. Once done, let it cool, tip onto a plate and eat on its own - or with cream or ice cream, or even raspberry sauce if you are lucky enough to have some in the pantry !!

Drying Herbs:

You can dry your own herbs in a microwave - think of the thrill of creating your own herbal teas strait from your garden ! Pick your fresh herbs and make sure there is no moisture on them (it will cook the herbs rather than dry them). Place them in between some paper towel to make sure. Place them in between the paper towel in the microwave and cook on high for 2 mins. Tah dah !! herbs for cooking and herbal teas in an instant !

Potato Chip Revitalisation !! :

Refresh stale potato chips by putting them on a plate for 30 seconds, then let stand for about one minute. You can also do this for soggy peanuts.

Ripen an Avocado:

Microwave avocado on Medium (50%) for 2 minutes. Turn over, microwave 1 minute more.

Increase your lemon juice:

Want to get the most juice from fresh lemons? Before squeezing fresh lemons, warm them in the microwave oven for about 40 seconds. You’ll get twice as much juice from each and every lemon.

Rain Soaked Newspaper:

It’s almost impossible to read a rain soaked newspaper. Don’t throw it away. Heat it on a low setting until it’s dry and once again readable.

Unused Stamps:

Everyone has at one time or another placed a postage stamp on an envelope only to decide later not to send it. Simply place a couple drops of water on the stamp, and microwave it for about 20 seconds. The stamp will come off easily.
No Cry Onions:

If you love to cook with onions but you don’t want to cry, trim off the ends, and heat them on full power for about 30 seconds. With these tips and tricks, chopping will be a tear free experience

** Some of these tips are courtesy of Associated Content


  1. I heard you have to poke holes in a potato before you put it in the micro. Is that true?

  2. I also have the chocolate mug cake recipe and it can be very dangerous for the diet ! Yum


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