Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Outfit of the day.....

 Ok, I didnt wear this today but a couple of weeks ago - I have only just gotten around to posting it though. Green is one of my favourite colours to wear - so fresh and cool and happy. I love green. On the other side of the coin, I totally loath my hair and just cant wait for it to grow. It is so unhealthy and frizzy, just putrid. Mu hair growns very fast, so I am hoping all the dryness from the bleaching I did to it last year will have substantially lessened (read that as having been cut out!) by the time wintersun rocks around in June. Till then I continue with the conditioning treatments and rinses to give it as much shine and health as I can. At least the green dress can brighten my mood in the meantime !


  1. Love the look!

    The dress colour reminds me of honeydew melon!

  2. Oh - thankyou so much for the encouragement girls - it never ever goes astray !!! XOXO

  3. Such a difficult shade of green to wear, but your alabaster complextion makes it sheer perfection! I'm absolutely loving your style.

  4. Gorgeous colour on you – and oh wow, you are a brunette now! It looks gorgeous :D

  5. You look fabulous! Those are the colors of my kitchen, minty green and red. Fun retro style!


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