Monday, March 21, 2011

An Amelie experience.....

Well now, three photographs of the same outfit might be somewhat induglent, but I simply wanted to show how much I love this outfit. It is one of my most comfortable to wear (my post baby belly doesnt seem to show at all !!!) and i adore red and green in this shade.

 The green cardi is lovely and light for a summer day, and the colourful skirt has the most dreamy print of romanticised rural orchards, stone bridges, water mills, streams and crops....I just love it !! I made the skirt from a 1960's pattern out of patchworking material. I dont know about you, but I hate seeing beautiful prints cut up into quilts that are only ever seen by the few who sleep under them. I would much rather wear a beautiful fabric as a living, working peice of art. So although this skirt is not strictly vintage in the fabric sense, it does capture the feel of all those beautiful vintage skirts with scenery and images as their print. And my little girl just loves looking at it and tracing the roadways and rivers on it :o)

And the final reason why I love this outfit so much is that it echos the predominant colours in one of my altime fav. movies = Amelie. Take a close look at the film and there is this shade of green in almost every still. Obviously the film makers have done this to create an aura, to evoke certian feelings in the viewer, and to no doubt use the depth of colour as an indicator of Amelie's personality. This outfit is my tribute to what I find an inspirational movie, hopefully it is somewhat reflective of my personality too - there is such richness and depth in this shade of green ! I do hope there is a little bit of green in your day today too !!


  1. Gorgeous, this is my favourite style of vintage outfit. You also look great with your brunette hair!

  2. It's a gorgeous outfit - I love the colours.

  3. What a stunning print! You look wonderful.


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