Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The incredible Becky...

Have a good close look at these photographs. Beautiful black and white images of golden age Hollywood, done as comfy couch cushions. Look closely again. Can you figure out how they have been created?

I was completely blown away when I first saw these most incredible cushions, made by the lovely - and infinitely talented - Becky Argent. They are cross stitched from patterns made by Becky herself, and you should see how very intricate they are up close !!

Tiny, perfect stitches in shades of black, white and grey....for those of us who have dabbled in cross stitching before, imagine working only with those shades on a very intricate level.....and look at the amazing result! What a collection !!

Becky, these are simply priceless works of art and as a collection they are breathtaking. You must keep us posted with each new addition to the couch !!!


  1. Gosh they are stunning they look so much like a photograph. stunning stunning work!

  2. WHAT? those are cross-stitched???!!! I feel totally inadequate...Becky is my new hero. They should be in a museum. Amazing.

  3. Wow, thats amazing! So beautiful!:)
    Does she sell those patterns?

  4. I LOVE THESE! Just recently taken up cross stitch again, no way near ready for that kind of project ha!

  5. Oh Girls - I know, isnt she a wonder ?!! (And she's a total sweetheart to boot !!!) Emily - I'd love to see pickkies of whatver you create ! Miss Margarite - Becky is on facebook if you would like to send her a message that way..... and if you undertake one of them you must share your masterpeice with me !! Kisses to you all XX


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