Sunday, January 24, 2010

To blonde or not to blonde? That IS the question.......

I have been tossing too and fro in my head the idea of going blonde lately. I have never really been any other colour than (natural) brunette, and have always advocated the sophistication and general classiness of brunettes over blondes. However, hubby recently suggested trying it before 'time runs out to be able to pull it off' - and he does have a point ! So, I have compiled a list of pro's and con's to going blonde, and thrown in a few glamerous ideals for both sides of the story........what are your thoughts on the whole blonde vs brunette debate?

Advantages to going blonde:

It would be fun to try the whole 'Hitchcock Blonde look' at least once in my life! (I am certianly no platnum blonde bombshell!!)......

Would prefer to try the blonde look while my face still has a bit of youth in it....

Blondes do seem to get noticed more....

Blonde seems to lend a face a bit more youth....

If I dont like it I can always dye it back again (although it will loose some condition, I know).....


Seems silly to dye my hair when there arnt too many greys in it yet....

Have just learnt to love the look I have been born with (ie. Dita Von Tease look pale skin and dark hair). Not everyone in Australia needs to have that sun kissed, bleached look !

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance !

I have very pale skin - will it look stuipd?

Health concerns with chemical bleaches?........

They are my for the inspiration........

To Blonde .........

The incomparable Marilyn

Breathtaking Mamie Van Doren

Ever charming Doris Day

Jane Fonda in one of my fav. movies - Cat Ballou

Perfect Hitchcock Blonde Grace Kelly

Ever lovely Lana Turner

Enchanting Zsa Zsa Gabor

Deadly blonde bombshell Diana Dors

Unmistakeable blonde Bridget Bardot

And not to Blonde........

The amazing Dita Von Tease

Exquisit Gene Tierney

A young and beautiful Elizabeth Taylor

Darling French actress Capucine

Beautiful perfection - Vivien Leigh

Modern Classic Beauty - Catherine Zeta Jones

Beautiful and oh so tragic Judy Tyler (died in a car crash after completing the film Jailhouse Rock with Elvis)

Magical Cyd Charisse - dancer extrodinair (and exquisitly beautiful as well!)

And the now imortally beautiful Jean Simmons.

History of hair dye:
(from ehow)

"In the Dark Ages, red hair first appeared as the result of a genetic mistake. For many years, people with natural red hair were subjected to suspicions of witchcraft. However, in the 16th Century, Queen Elizabeth I's natural vibrant red hair made red hair more acceptable, and soon hair was being reddened with items such as henna, which dated back to the ancient Egyptians. During the Baroque period, when elaborate powdered wigs were popular, the colors ran the gamut of pastels, from pinks and yellow, to even blue. Blond hair continued to be desirable, with potassium lye or caustic soda being use to bleach the hair. Victorian women used large hats with an open top to expose their treated hair to the strong sun. At the same time, gray hair was popular, bringing back hair powder to heighten the affect. For a time, silver nitrate was used to darken hair until overuse resulted in a purple color. It was this purple result that would eventually lead to the creation of the first synthetic hair dye.

In the 1800s, chemists discovered para-phenylenediamine (PPD) and its use in the creation of synthetic dye. At the same time, it was found that hydrogen peroxide was a gentler and safer chemical for hair bleaching. These two discoveries paved the way for Eugene Schueller, who created the first commercial chemical hair dye, which he christened "Aureole." That product would go on to be known as "L'Oreal." The double-process for dying hair blond soon followed, and in 1932 hair dye was further refined by Lawrence Gelb who created hair dye that actually penetrated the shaft of the hair. His company would be called "Clairol." Later, in 1950, he would introduce the first one-step hair dye product that actually lightened hair without bleach. This ushered in the modern era of hair dye, including the ability for hair to be dyed at home. "

Well.......should I or shouldnt I? What do you think?


  1. I know where you are coming from. I've always wondered too. Have you had a play with any wigs?

  2. I can share as a natural blonde that I did dye my hair brunette once, I would never go against my natural colour again! lol ...

  3. You know, you never can tell until you give it a go. I'm a natural blonde (although my hair is really closer to a light brown) and I went lighter with highlights. I had mixed feelings about the results but I am considering going brunette the next time around. I also have very fair skin (except I get that pink thing happening rather than the creamy gorgeousness that some ladies have going for them) so I'm sure that had some bearing on the result for me. I think so long as you find a shade that compliments your skin tone and a decent colourist you should be fine.

  4. i say go for it and so does jayne!

    it's always easy to dye it back darker if you don't like it.

  5. I love you dark but i tend to think you should try it so you don't have any regrets. I bet I will prefer you dark however. I spent over ten years as an almost white blonde and people couldn't imagine me dark. It's the upkeep that is the pain and you have to find a good colourist and it's so expensive. I prefer myself dark but my daughter looks at photos of me blonde, sighs and says, "Mummy, I wish you would go blonde and then I would REALLY love you!" So do it but you must post pics! xx

  6. If you don't try it you will always wonder...

  7. Give it a go and if you don't like it you can go back. I was a blonde for awhile and it was a blast!!

  8. Another vote for "go blonde!".
    I've had every hair colour (apart from black) and blonde is great - but make sure you find a good colourist and yes, it's expensive to maintain. But who said that you'll have it for the long term anyway?
    Have you thought of red? Red is wonderful too and I can see you as Rita.

  9. I just found you via Circa Vintage – yay :)

    I definitely recommend trying blonde!

  10. My natural hair colour is a light mousy brown, and I've been dying it black for about 12 years now. I'd love to go white blonde one day, and I think you should definitely have a go. It does sound expensive and time consuming, but it would be such fun! Have a go, you can always go back to brunette.

  11. Que guapas todas!!! no se cual me gustaria ser!!!

  12. It's a big decision I know,...but if you've always wanted to try it blonde...go for it! Like you said, you can always go back.
    I Loved seeing the vintage pictures of the blonde and brunette ladies...they are all so graceful, and beautiful aren't they?
    I wanted to tell you thank you for visiting my blog...I'm so glad you liked going on the nature trail with us, it was a pleasure taking you along. It's been very nice meeting you.
    I sure love your blog...I'll be coming over here again very soon! Hope you have a great day. :)

  13. Hi
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog,the picture you commented on i found with many others in the bottom of a auction box many years ago.
    Bridie x

  14. Thankyou lovely friends for all your 'blonding' comments !

    I have 80% made a decision ! I have decided that I DO deffinatly want to try going blonde, but that I want to do it properly (after talking to a number of hairdresser friends) - cant stand the whole black roots look !! Therefore, with all the maintenance (and therefore expense) required etc, I am going to wait until hubby and I are a bit more cashed up (ie. When I return to the workforce when kiddliwinks go to school!!) Thats not so far away really, and I will be posting all about it when the time comes !!

    Thanks ever so for all your most inspiring should be lived to the fullest, including experiencing every shade of haircolour !!! In the meantime, I might try an auburn from the supermarket .........!


  15. And blondes DO have more fun , I'm one ;-)

  16. Ahh, but Dita was born a natural blonde! :)
    However, my God does she looks stunning the way she looks.


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