Sunday, January 17, 2010

Swimsuits, swimsuits, swimsuits !

Call them bathers, togs, swimsuits, swimming costumes or whatever you fancy, here in Australia while the weather is roasting, it is most deffinatly swimsuit time !!!

My darling friend Brooke gave me the most wonderful book for Christmas - "The Swimsuit" by Sarah Kennedy - and I have been gobbling up its pages for the past few weeks ! Picture if you will, sitting in the shade of a big willow, beside a pretty little lake while the kiddlie-winks splash and play, I lol on my towel in my replica vintage navy and white spotted cossie, reading this treasure filled snapshot of aprox. 100 years of bathing culture. It has been a wonderful summer so far, thanks to this highly informative reading adventure........

I simply adore vintage swimsuits, but unfortunatly, have yet to own an authentic original. I have a couple of replica's, and am continuously hunting for good vintage bathers patterns to make some of my own, however, both vintage bathers and vintage bather patterns are as elusive as deep sea pearls to a person who mearly splashes at the shore ! Once again, my darling friend Brooke to the rescue - she has a couple of gorgeous vintage bathers that she has used in her photo shoots........

(Hubby and I model for Brooke in one of her darling Jantzen vintage swimsuits - above)

I can also reccomend My Sister Pat for lovely cotton vintage style one and two peice bathers. Great for swanning by the pool and looking glamerous, probably not so hot for intense training and laps !!!

In last years January edition of "Notebook" magazine, the following replica vintage bathers appeared on the cover, to my utter delight and I promptly raced out and bought myself an edition of the magazine hoping to find details of stockists. To my disapointment there was no listing of the stockists to be found anywhere in the magazine - can anyone help with this information?

And finally, something for all Wintersun, Circa Vintage and Lindy Charm School for Girls devotees to get excited about !! Appearing at this years Wintersun festival will be the following:

Ooooooh, I am so excited about this !!! I have been wishing Wintersun would include fashion parades at their festival for years and years !! Now my dream has finally come true !!! I am so delighted to see vintage love spreading more and more to fashion and cultural history, and not simply music and cars (though I love them too!!)!!! Be sure you get there and support this wonderful event !!!

Dita Von Tease looking resplendant as always !

Blonde bombshell Mamie Van Doren
I would love to hear any vintage bathers stories my friends and readers would like to share, any great shops for bathers and patterns, any advice and tips on caring for vintage bathers - please leave your comments and lets all share our vintage bathers love !!!!


  1. My sister pat was featured in the Sunday herald sun yesterday with an article "Diving back into the '50s" It highlighted her divine swim wear and featured hollywood starlets Esther William, Ava Gardner and Marilyn Monroe in fashionable bather's from the 50's.

    It has been said that Seafolly and Flamino Sands included high waisted shorts in their latest summer range.

    This truly was swim wear style!

  2. Hi, Just wanted to let you know of a little store I found last week. Its called "where fond memories come to life" its in Inglewood (1/2 hour north from Bendigo on the Calder highway, on my way home from Bendigo) it had the most divine 1950's frocks/ball gowns. She had 3 stunning dresses on display but there was lots more on racks which I did not get time to look at. There are another 3 vintage/retro/op stores also in this small town...well worth a look if you are ever in the area.

    Cherie x

  3. Hello, I do have one pair of authentic vintage bathers. I don't know what year they are. They are incredibly flattering to the figure although I do look like Granny on the beach. Granny in a good way hopefully! That is a great shot of Dita above! No Granny there! I picked up my oldies from EBay. I also as you know have the Prue Trollope style which are fun. I have to check out my sister pat. I know Lark are selling them. I have that issue of Notebook magazine as I loved that cover shot! I love this post! xx

  4. Hello!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and thank you for the lovely compliment. I see we both live in in two separate parts of the world...and have some common interests.
    Love your Vintage Bathers post.
    Hope you visit me again...I'll be visiting this blog often.
    Nana (Debbie)

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog. I rushed right over here and am amazed. Being born in the mid 50's, I have so many childhood memories of those swimming suits and especially the swimming caps. I had a bright yellow one with floppy orange and green making my head look like a giant orange flower, I guess maybe a marigold???...LOL.

    I loved your blog and your sense of style.
    Just a tidbit about me: I was named after Marilyn Monroe....she was "hot" in 1956!!!!

    Marilyn in NM

  6. Debbie and Marilyn - thanks ever so for your comments.....

    Debbie - I have been to your Victoria about 10 years ago and was captivated, it was so very picturesque ! I fell in love with it.....

    Marilyn - I keep picturing a swimming cap that looks like a marigold and I smile !! Would probably be hard to look glamerous with a big vibrent yellow marigold on your head in the water ! Would love to see some photos if you have any !

    Lovely to have you both visit me ! Feel free to pop back any time - I love comments and new friends !!

    Much love,

  7. Isn't it refreshing to see advertisements where women actually had hips & didn't have the body of a child with a woman's head on top?

    Super blog!


  8. Thank you so much for joining my blog...welcome!!!
    By the way....I absolutely love that red bathing is similiar to the one Miranda wore in the Sex and the City movie. I would love to find out where to get one.
    Thanks again :)

  9. Amazing post.. retro swimsuits are sure the best and sexiest!

    p.s enter my jewelry giveaway!

  10. I ADORED the delightful pictures & write up for My Sister Pat cossies in the Sunday Herald Sun Jan 17 2010. I loved it so much i emailed them direct at & purchased 2 divine swimsuits direct from Rosemary, the owner. I must say My Sister Pat cossies are very authentic styled, so flattering & the current fabric prints being used are amazing : I read there blog often & i am now excitedly purchasing a new design of there's Molly Bloom its glorious for pool side glamour.

  11. I've been looking high and low for some vintage swimwear patterns, but, so far no luck! Have you ever been to the website ModCloth? They have some amazing vintage inspired swimwear, not to mention all the other adorable stuff they carry! Here are a couple links to their swimwear!


  12. Ooh I love a vintage bathing suit! I'm a Catalina collector and wear every piece whenever I'm in or near the water, including my daughter's swimming lessons.
    Care wise, I rinse them in cold water as soon as I take them off and only ever handwash them in mild detergent (wool wash).
    I've been eyeing up the contemporary suits for years but just haven't taken that step as yet.
    As for finding where anything is stocked, just phone the head office, they're always happy to help.


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