Sunday, January 17, 2010

Finger nail magic.......

Does anyone have trouble finding that perfect red nailpolish to define your vintage glamour? I constantly seem to be repairing nail polish that has chipped or broken, at least weekly I change my nail colour (to red again !!) to keep that well manicured look. Where I live we do not have nail tech's on every corner, and to be perfectly frank they are a little beyond our one income budget right now - one of lifes luxuries - so it is up to the me to maintain my nails as best I can. For many Australian women in the 1950's, this was a given anyhow, so I have decided to road test 5 cheap to average priced nailpolishes, available in any Priceline store across the country. Let's see which one last the longest, with the least chips, and maintains the best appearance at the end of a week of cooking, cleaning, gardening, baby caring, and playing !

I have chosen, from left to right,
Savy 'Danger Red'
Revlon "Revlon Red'
Australia 'Valentine'
Rimmel Double 'Decker Red'
Maybeline 'Racy Red'

and painted my left hand from left to right in that pattern........

As you can see, the colours look almost identical !! Infact I showed a number of friends and no one could tell that they were actually five different colours! I guess I just love that red !!!

And after one week, this was the same hand.......

You can see that the Savy and the Rimmel can off 'worst for wear' with the most chipping, followed by the maybeline on my thumb. It is worth noting however that these three fingernails are probably my longest. The classic Revlon Red came in second best, and the winner with least chipping, was Australis 'Valentine'.

All the polishes chipped, peeled and broke, so regardless of the 'winner', my nails would still have required re-doing at the end of a week. The moral of this story - if you are going to paint your nails yourself, be prepared for the maintenance involved ! But dont red fingernails look lovely? They are so worth it !!!


  1. I have that Maybelline nail polish too. My nails chip so easily.
    I always try to paint them on Sunday night, then either touch them up during the week, or repaint on Wednesday/Thursday... Still I get chips!
    Then on the weekend I do cleaning and gardening and don't care about them, instead waiting till Sunday night to paint them again!

  2. Your nails look beautiful compared to mine! I can tell you that I have used all the prestige brands like Chrstian Dior and Chanel and they still all chip! A good survey and I might have to try Australis. However, there is something so retro about Revlon to me. Their nail polishes always seemed the height of glamour when I was a teenager! xx


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