Monday, November 2, 2009


I came across a wonderful 1960's knitting pattern book and thought I would share some of the great patterns over the course of the next few months - for my knitting friends, if you attempt any of these I would love to see pictures of the finished darling Nanna taught me patiently how to knit in primary school and I can still do it, but to my embarressment, I can only create a scarf !! Perhaps I need to jump in the deep end and just have a try at something like this !!! (The pattern was in two sections - just click on the first set of instructions to enlarge it to readable size....)


  1. Aww how I wish I could knit! My mam's great at knitting but I seem to just end up in a massive tangle every time! Have a lovely week doll x

  2. I can crochet but not knit. Sigh. I would love to make some marvelous 60s clothes! Maybe I should try again...


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