Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Divine Oreo Balls...

Thanks ever so to the lovely Mel for this recipe! It has been a frequent guest at coffee time for my dinner parties, and made regular appearances at high tea ! They have even been privy to the green room at my husbands Elvis performances ! In short, these little numbers are the last word in decadence - they are sure to become a favourite ! ** They would also make quite delish Christmas gifts if packaged up elegantly - fun fun !!**

2 Packets Oreo Biscuits
250gm Light Philly Cheese
1 Block of Chocolate of choice (White, milk or dark)

Crush oreo biscuits in food processor. Mix through philly cheese - I use my (clean!) hands for this part, as it is a bit too much for the food processor to handle. Roll mixture into balls. Melt chocolate and dip/roll balls into melted chocolate. Place on a tray to set in the fridge. Before I pop into the fridge I have sprinkled coconut over the balls for a bit or variety. You could leave them plain, or use sprinkles, nuts or coconut if you wish.


  1. They sure are darling.....I wish I lived closer and I would send you some to enjoy by mail !!!Love to you, XX


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