Sunday, August 9, 2009

Old Fashioned Flower of the Season - Winter 2009

This adorable little flower lights up our garden in the winter time.....and TOUGH ! This is the toughest plant I have ever come across - a must for water restricted gardens. A lovely green stappy leafed plant (the kind that are oh so popular right now), winter iris flower from June to September with a stunning little purple iris flower and look brilliant when mass planted. I have planted them just outside my front fence between the rence and the footpath, in rough imporverished soil. Nearby on the nature strip are two large ash trees that compete for moisture, and they are up against our concrete brick fence, which, unfortunatly, is also a mositure sucker ! In this hostile environment they have done wonderfully well with little or no care, attention or water - even during our last horrific Australian summer with two weeks of temperatures above 40 degrees !!! They truely are amazing little gems.

Winter iris will require watering through their first season to get them established, but after that just leave them be and enjoy their stunning, easy care display time and again. Their latin name is I.unguicularis and they can be ordered in Australia from Tesslars (online ordering).

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