Friday, August 21, 2009

Mildura - Provincial Art Deco City

We have just returned from a lovely little jaunt to Mildura, pop. 60,000, on the wide banks of the Murray River. What a stunning town, full of friendly people, some great eateries, and pleasant shopping, but the thing that impressed us most was the architecture! Mildura is overflowing with art deco era buildings, both public and private, and we had a wonderful time exploring their "Art Deco Walk" which is a self guided tour of these gracious old buildings. Hats off to the Mildura City Council for recognising that value of these beautiful buildings and making them a feature of their town. We pondered why Mildura would have so many great examples of 1920's-1930's architecture, and had to conclude that they were obviously smart enough (or did not have any rough shod developers) in the 60's, 70's and 80's to avoid destroying buildings that, at that point in 20th century history, were not valued as they are today. Bravo Mildura !!

Some snaps of what we saw.....there were many many more buildings that I simply didnt get a chance to photograph due to chasing three bubbies, but I am sure this will give you the idea !!! I will also attatch the map of the walking tour as it has lots of interesting heritage details......

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