Friday, August 21, 2009

Mildura Art Deco Walking Tour Map

Click on the image to enlarge.....oh for the heydays of these elegent, classy buildings ! Do you think people will ooh and ahhh over a Safeway complex in 80 years time????? (My sincerest of apologies for dreadful way this map has come through. We have a new computer that is proving extreemly hard to navagate - especially the image related programs! Grrrrrrr)

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  1. I had visited Mildura before, but not since high school, a very very long time ago. So this week I was surprised and delighted to see the Art Deco buildings, and wonder how many there were once upon a time. Has the city lost a lot of its architectural treasures from the 1930s?

    Thanks for your link
    Art and Architecture, mainly


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