Sunday, January 19, 2014

Vintage Living Fashion No. 2 - Lingerie Dreaming

Vintage lingerie is so very pretty. Silky fabrics, laces and frills. Nothing is more feminine than a sexy petticoat or baby doll nightdress. Think Elizabeth Taylor in 'Cat on a hot tin roof', or Scarlett O'Hara having her corset laced up for the Wilkes barbeque. Heck, even the fembots in pink short and sheer nighties with matching fluffy springolators from Austin Powers!
And so, without further ado, allow me to share Alice Jean's take on just how sexy classic lingerie can be in this, our second fashion photo shoot with Brooke Orchard Photography.
Enjoy and be inspired to look vintage classy & sexy in your night attire!

Petticoats: Alice Jean's own
'Shorty' nighty: Brooke Orchard Photography
1960's Baby Doll Nighty: on loan from Ros Dwyer
Location: Alice Jean's unused historic family homestead
Models: Bree Laughlin
Sonia Wright
Somayeh Katebiyan
Danielle Marko-Parsons 

Use of these images will require approval from Brooke Orchard Photography or Alice Jean's. Please contact us if you wish to re-use these images anywhere else in cyber space or otherwise.


  1. These photos are so much fun! And the background is absolutely gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Katie - they were fun to take too! The house is a terrific old relic on my families farm - a great place for photographs :)

  2. Petticoat Junction springs to mind.
    How I love these gorgeous night things :)

    1. I know ! I nearly titled the post Petticoat Junction actually :) So pretty all together like this........


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