Sunday, January 5, 2014

Top Five Vintage blogs

Trawling the net for tid bits about your favourite category of interest? Hopefully Alice Jean's can make your search time more profitable - provided you are into mid century culture of course !! Here are my five all time favourite blogs on a mid century theme.....enjoy! (Click on each banner to be taken to the blog page....)
Number Five - The Beauty Blog
Lindy Charm School for Girls is run by my wonderful friend Miss Chrissy, and if its hair and makeup info you are after, then you wont go wrong here. Miss Chrissy is all about sharing the vintage love and creating a connected vintage community Australia wide - so get on it beauty lovers.....release that inner glamour puss !!!
Number Four - The Décor Blog

I wasn't really sure if I could include this site as a blog - its just so much more than that! However, I couldn't leave it out....if you are after décor or retro renovation information, there is no better site to turn to. You will be inspired by the authentic houses, and the renovation work of others where keeping a historic aesthetic is paramount. And if you love pastel bathrooms (as I do) this is the site for you!!!

Number Three - The Fashion History Blog
If there was an award for the most inspiring clothing blog, this would win hands down. Wearing History is the work of an amazingly dedicated (and downright lovely) woman - her authenticly historic creations will leave you gobsmacked......from Victorian Scarlett O'Hara dresses to 1940's wartime outfits, Wearing History is a stunning example of what human beings achieve when they follow their heart and their passions. Thankyou for sharing your incredible ability with the world !

Number Two - The Stylist Blog
If its fashion you love, there is simply no better personification of classic beauty and style in a modern woman than Esme and the Laneway. This treasure of a blog is full of inspirational images - such an artistic stylist and photographer is 'Esme'...... There are also fashion and hair tutorials, and the written word is compelling. The other reason I adore this blog is that it is as far from jumping on the bandwagon vintage trending as you can get. It is authentic and beautiful, and obviously a passion and love of the author - not just the 'vintage washing', make it hip blog of the moment. Such a breath of fresh air in that way. Thankyou for your contribution to a beautiful world my friend ! OXOX
Esme and the Laneway

Number One - The Music Blog

If I am feeling blue, all I have to do is ....... tune into this digital radio station and I suddenly find myself compelled to dance around the house - no matter if I'm cooking porridge in the mornings or mopping the floors or tapping away at the keyboard, WFMU puts a song in my heart and a spring in my step. They also have the most fantastic blog, full of the quirky, the eccentric, the wild and crazy, and - like every good blog should - the informative. There is no better mid century pop culture blog - or digital music station for that matter ! Love you WFMU!!!
WFMU Ichiban, Rock and Soul with Debbie D


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