Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Well, if you are in Melbourne then you definitely should. Go shopping at the lost and found market that is !! Its wonderful - full of quirky vintage from most mid century eras - furniture, toys, clothes, books, records....its all there. You will be inspired. You will be chuffed. You will lighten your wallets for sure ! Get on down.......

While you are visiting this cosmopolitan wonderland, you should also drop by Title Records....wow, they have a groovy selection of vinyl, CD's, books and films - very retro, very quirky also, very much impossible for me to ever walk out empty handed....
And lastly, after all that shopping, its great to have something to do before sitting down for a coffee in the big smoke. Check out this exhibition of classic Hollywood costumes at Fed. Square.....totally awesome. After all, its not everyone who owns a blue gingham dress and sparkly red heels !
All in all, have a terrific time in Melbourne this coming Autumn/Winter. It is no wonder this regal town is fast developing a name as one of the hippest creative cities on the planet....get in on it people !

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  1. Melbourne is awesome. I love this city so much. I really need to visit the costume exhibit while it's here.


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