Thursday, May 30, 2013

1960's hair love......

What style icons - hairily speaking - do it for you? Who do you admire and try to emulate? Leave a comment and let me know.....the interests of my readers fascinate me !
I, for one, adore Jean Shrimpton. She had the classic big eyed 60's look, and a mod elegance and grace in her bearing. I love looking at photographs of her and her style. I also LOVE trying to emulate her 1960's hairstyles.
In recent years I seem to have embarked upon a journey of style discovery - trying the whole Marilyn effect for the first time (before I was too old to pull it off !!), dabbling in red headedness (which was fantastic) and even attempting Liz Taylor 50's brunette curls (which made me look much older than my years). And after all this experimentation - a wonderful thing, life is too short not to experiment - I have discovered that brunette suits me best (although red is something I want to do again) and that the 1960's is my style of choice.
Curling my hair 1950's style as a brunette just makes me look old and faded. Doing my hair in a beehive, an up do ah la Joan Holloway, or a sexy bob like 99 in Get Smart is far more flattering to my face and early 60's style of dress. So, let me encourage you, if you are wondering what historical style suits you best, experiment, experiment, experiment ! I never thought I would be able to pull off platinum blonde until I tried 3 years ago - and was vastly delighted by the result. Maybe a 1940's Veronica Lake look will be your thing? Maybe a Grace Kelly classic 50's do will work for you? Maybe a Mia Farrow pixie cut will give you a magical air? But for me, the whole Jean Shrimpton effect (and maybe a touch of 99 at times!!) is where my look is headed.....and so, I thought I would take the opportunity to share some 1960's hairstyle love this happy Friday night .......
(My apologies for the poor quality of these images - I have had to purchase a new computer after the destruction of my previous one by an accidental child spillage across the keyboard, and am still learning to navigate and manage the new programs and formats ! XX)


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  1. Such great advice. Sometimes what you think will look great just looks bizarre and you only can figure it out by trial and error. Great post.


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