Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cosmopolitan on the Murray....

We have ONE DAY day to put in a tender and save Koondrook's (and my) beloved 'Long Paddock Cafe' from closing (well, maybe you might have a bit longer than that, but you had better hurry just the same!!!).....this amazing gem of an eatery has been my salvation over the past two years - a place to retreat to, a place to reflect in, to ponder in, to meet old friends in and make new friends in....not just to eat, drink and be merry in! And now Amy, the owner, is selling in order to spend more time with family (fair call) but oh dear oh dear....the community cant bear to see it (potentially) close....
Have you always yearned for a tree change to a picturesque river side village, full of quaint country architecture, towering red gums, right on the Murray River in a darling community with an increasingly bohemian/cosmopolitan/alternative minded outlook?
Do you have experience in hospitality and relish the idea of a cafe of your own with established clientele and an outstanding reputation? Stocking regional and seasonal produce, fully licenced with a commercial equipment set up?
Did you answer yes to the above? Then you must check out The Long Paddock ASAP and get your tender in.......Koondrook community WANTS YOU !
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