Sunday, October 10, 2010

Music of the Moment - October 2010 - The Cleftones

I have made an executive decision to include a new segment in my blog. A once a month feature of an inspiring musical artist. After all, what is any era of the last century without a soundtrack to accompany it?! Hope you all enjoy the up coming musical selection.......

Fast becoming one of my very favorite doo wop groups, The Cleftones capture all that was so attractive about this genre of music. Rich harmonies, catchy melodies and romantic lyrics to carry one away to dream are a couple of my favourite songs from Youtube.....

Info from Wikipedia:

The Cleftones were a doo-wop group from Queens, New York. They were formed in 1955 at Jamaica High School. The group consisted of Herbie Cox (lead), Charlie (McGhee) James (first tenor), Berman Patterson, (second tenor), William McClane (baritone), and Warren Corbin (bass). They were originally called The Silvertones. Initial charted hits by the group started in 1955, "You Baby You", "Little Girl of Mine", and "Can't We Be Sweethearts". In 1961 the 2nd generation of The Cleftones produced hits consisting of members Herb Cox, Charlie James, Warren Corbin, Gene Pearson, and Pat Spann. Pat was the first and only female to sing with the group. They reached #18 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with Heart and Soul, followed by "For Sentimental Reasons". The recordings were released on the Gee & Roulette Record labels.


  1. They'll be playing at the Rhythm Rocker Weekender in Long Beach next weekend!

  2. Oh wow !! If only I could be there, what a thrill to see them live !! Are you going? So green with envy if you are !!! XX


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