Sunday, October 10, 2010

A market not to be missed !!!

Oh clap hands, I am so very excited !! My darling friend Julie - from Narioka - and I are embarking on a market stall at the start of November, at the Murrabit Market - Australia's biggest outdoor market event. I just cant wait.....I have been scouring second hand shops for little bits and peices in keeping with the whole Alice Jean's ethos of mid century vintage. Today I picked up a darling chaneille bedspread, a cute picinic basket, some Shag coasters, a 1960's home set hairdryer (with plastic hair bag in brilliant condition), some fabbo novals from the 50's and 60's, some little golden books and a jug and bowl set.

Added to my bits and bobs, I am also making childrens dresses, womens peasant tops and skirts, and artworks. If you are really keen you can also sample one of my cupcakes !! Its going to be super duper fun, so please come along and check out our goodies for sale....and do let me know if you are an Alice Jeans follower for a discount !!!


  1. Can't wait Sen. Silly me had a sale in my Madeit shop and sold half my stock!!!! Stil a few weeks of sewing time left I suppose.

  2. Ohh, why must it be so far away from me! Pesky Australia, being so darn big.


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