Sunday, September 26, 2010

Winter Dresses....thankyou Joan Holloway

Who hasn't been inspired by Mad Men?

Well, I have been searching for some practical, snugly warm winter 'going out dresses' for an eternity, without any satisfaction. Why is it that even in rockabilly circles, women are constantly encouraged to wear flesh revealing clothing, even in the midst of bitter Victorian winters? I mean, its great for showing off tattoo artistry etc, but come on ladies....who wants to freeze their toosh off? !!

So, whilst watching Mad Men one evening, it occurred to me that Joan Holloway has the right idea ! Dresses that flatter her wonderful curves, and fit where a dress should fit, looked glamorous, and appear, most important of all, warm enough for winter ! So I set about finding a pattern and making myself a couple of Joan inspired winter dresses......

This is the result, of which I am quite delighted.

The first is a leopard print number and feels great to touch as it is a bit stretchy and has a small pile.

The second is my favourite colour green cord, which is also snugly warm and feels great to touch. I have a cunning little dark green velvet hat that matches the green waist band perfectly, it makes for a darling little outfit !

Unfortunately, a number of factors have prevented me from making more this winter, but I have a nice little pile of fabric in store for next winter season and by then I may have collected a few more patterns to vary my ever expanding wardrobe with ! A proper 1950's fitted coat is also on the cards....cant wait to try my hand at that if I ever manage to find some top quality heavy weight coat fabric !

I have also done a bit of pre-summer sewing for one of my darling girlfriends. Two Mexican inspired peasant tops from a charming vintage pattern. I love these tops and have decided to make myself a couple as well....they can be worn with a skirt, shorts or Capri pants and look fantastic dressed up or simply to wear around the house. I will be holding an Alice Jean's market stall in November (more on that at a later date) and plan to have a few of these little beauties available to purchase too - stay posted for more on that one !!

Happy spring sewing everyone....cant wait to share my spring creations with you all at the end of the season !


  1. The green dress is sooo sweet & i love the peasant blouses!Unfortunately i am sewing impaired although i have bought a vintage machine(50's/60's) so i can learn.My husband can sew better than i can ,how sad is that lol?

  2. Wow, that was quick finishing all those. I want to see them on you!!!!! Looking forward to the Spring market.


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