Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vintage Shopping Fun......

I love discovering wonderful 'new' vintage inspired shops - everything from bars and restaurants, furniture and antique shops, market stalls, clothing shops, reproduction shops, op shops, or online stores. I love to collect business cards of these places and so I thought I would share some of them right here with you all. A good number of these places have online shopping too, so you can shop from anywhere in the world (there are some awsome things about moderninity !!). Some places, however are a little 'lost in time', so make sure you keep them in mind when passing through out of the way places !!! Happy shopping everyone!! My fav. vintage clothing shop !


Make sure you visit when in Yackandandah!

Do drop in if you are ever in Boort !

A glamerous, deco styled cocktail bar - divine !

Great repro clothing at

Inspirations atomic furniture at

Call in if you are ever in Lockhart - excellent prices and great variety on everything from antique furniture to cannisters!

Call in if you ever visit Narandarra....beautiful kids clothes and vintage car bricabrac !!

Amazing repro clothing using vintage fabrics...Justine can make you up whatever you need...excellent mens duds too !!

Wonderful kitchenalia, including repro aprons etc

Best music selection you can get...everything old and original, and terrific contemporary rockabilly/hillbilly/rock'n'roll.

Incredible selection of radios, smoking tables, cannisters and classic deco and bakelite peices.

Echuca's one and only classic vintage clothing shop - truly inspirational!! Check it out in High Street, Echuca

Check out this store jam packed with clothing and accessory goodies

Bendigo's finest selection of vintage clothing and accessories....dont miss this shop located in View Street opposite the Gallery.


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  1. Am definitely saving this post for when I may get a chance to travel around a bit. ;]
    -Andi x


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