Thursday, June 24, 2010

Autumn Dresses........

I know we are in winter in the Southern Hemisphere, but I wanted to share with you my dress creations of the Autumn just gone (and a couple of my 'masterpeices' out of my wardrobe that I havent presented here before too !!!)......

My Jackie Kennedy inspired winter suit - I even have a pillbox hat to go with it !! :o) (Should have ironed that crease out before I photographed it !!!)

I adore this fabric - my favorite shade of green !! I also like the almost oriental touch to the print too, instead of my usual english roses tendancy !

I was blessed to be given this fabric by a girlfriend who was cleaning out her mothers cupboards - itsnt it pretty !!

All made from vintage patterns.....I am starting to get a little more adventurous with my sewing attempts, particularly as I attempt winter clothing instead of pretty cotton summer dresses.....


  1. these dresses and suit are soo pretty. I myself have been looking for winter vintage outfits! x

  2. Very clever once again. When are you opening Alice Jeans Boutique?

  3. Emma - they are a bit more difficult to orchastrate I find, particularly if you are a stay at home Mum like me, and the wearing of stockings not very practical on a day in day out basis ! However, lushious coats, scarves and gloves are always welcome in my wardrobe !

    Julie - you darling......if I won Tatts that is exactly what I would do, and you and Brookie could join me !!!! XX

  4. They are all so lovely - the green is very nice!!!

  5. Best design... It is important for those considering such an approach to their autumn wedding dress to shop early, and to allow the dressmaker plenty of time to work


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