Monday, May 10, 2010

Quote of the Month - May 2010

"Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it"

I am not entirely sure if this quote is from just the movie "Anne of Green Gables" or if it is also from the book as well. Once upon a time this die hard "Anne-fan" would have been able to tell you off the top of her head, but post three children my brain is not retaining all that it once did (well, that is my excuse at the moment !) and as all my books are packed away in boxes (not enough space 'till my boys start sharing a bedroom) I cant even look up the answer for you all !!

However, the source is really immaterial, it is the substance of the quote that is the greatest treasure. Anne of Green Gables is filled with such inspiring gems, reminding us of the beauty, goodness, purity and loveliness that can be in life if we only have the eyes and open hearts to see it and experience it. I used to wish I lived in the era of Anne of Green Gables, but the real truth is that I love the gentleness, community and idealistic life revealed in the stories.....and those things are worth striving for whatever era you live in - there is beauty in 2010 as much as in 1885!

May your tomorrows be filled with hope and fresh starts, and as few 'mistakes' as it takes to learn and develop real charactor !

(How funny is the photograph above ! My girlfriend JennyVellacot and I being "Anne Shirley and Diana Barry", all of 18 years ago! Oh that big hair - I swear it was the fashion in the early '90's!)


  1. As a Canadian fellow Anne lover, this post made me smile! I DO believe, in fact, I am quite certain that that very quote (which pops into my head every morning) IS in the book as well (it's mentioned in an Anne of Green Gables themed diary I still have from when I was 12). I actually live right in the heart of where the Kevin Sullivan Anne movies were filmed (in Southern Ontario, NOT Prince Edward Island, surprisingly enough) and am planning to visit as many of the places I can this summer, especially the house outside Toronto that was used as Green Gables (I had always thought they used the Green Gables house I visited as a girl out in PEI). I plan to blog about these adventures as well, so if you are interested you may want to stay tuned to my blog!

    Lovely blog, doll!

  2. Nerd girl just looked it up: Anne does say, "Marilla, isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?"

  3. Loving the Post!
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  4. From one Nerd Girl to another - thanks ever so Baroness for all the great Anne info you provided - especially the actual quote from the book - ever so much appreciated !! I look forward to your up coming Anne adventures - infact I am quite excited about it.....take heaps of photographs wont you !! Someone should do an Anne of Green Gables set tour or something - I would have taken the tour when I was in Canada myself 13 years ago ! Love to you XX

  5. I love that photo, though! It's lovely. And that's a great quote. =D
    -Andi x


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