Tuesday, May 11, 2010

1950's Heart Throbs

Who knows when the term "Heart throb' first came into vogue, but we all know what it means ! Usually in reference to a guy who gets your heart racing ! There were many such men in the 1950's, and I am going to post a few film/performance clips of them here - they get my heart racing anyhow! Let me point out that this is not about musical ability, or handsomness, or even talent, it is purely about the possession of a certian indifinable quality that is, quite simply, captivating........ here we go.......

These are my 'heart throbs' (interesting that they are all muso's !! I could have put Donald O'Connor from Singing in the Rain there too -gosh I adored him growing up! - but somehow, he doesnt quite gel with the idea of a 'heartthrob'....perhaps more of a hero or icon to me !!)

I am keen to hear other peoples ideas - who stirred your heart strings?
(Hmmm, I cant help but notice that Elvis bears a strong resemblence to my hubby in the fame and fortune clip - lucky me !)


  1. All of these fellas certainly stir my heart strings! I'm also partial to Gene Vincent and about a million others. ;]
    -Andi x

  2. Seriously Elvis is like the hottest man that ever lived...right after my hubby of course (who I also think looks like Elvis. Well his lips do anyway!)

    What about James Dean? Doesn't sing but he's one hunky man!

  3. oh, Elvis!
    I'm ina musical called All Shook Up atm, it's an Elvis jukebox!
    he was such a darling :)
    gorgeous blog x

  4. Have to say Sir Paul has never done much for me, I do however very much fancy a boy named Ricky Nelson(That's my fiancee's name!).

  5. Ricky Nelson - YES! (Travelin Man) Never was much of an Elvis fan. I also love Paul McCartney always have - always will (I Will + In My Life))except no one knew who he was until 1961 and it was in 1962 when he took the world by storm and never looked back!

    And who could forget the James Deans and Sal Mineo's with their untimely deaths?

    The 50's also brought us Fabian, Bobby Darrin and Troy Donahue. All were major heartthrobs and at the height of their carreers.

    Of course we can't leave out the "older" heartthrobs of the 50's. Paul Newman, Tony Curtis, Clark Cable, Rock Hudson, David Niven and my personal all time fave Cary Grant! The teens may not have adored them when they were young but I guarantee when those same teens grew up they learned to appreciate the more sophisticated heartthrobs!


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