Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A little down time.....

Beloved Readers, I really must apologise. I have been ever so slack in my posting for the past few months. But believe me, there really is a very good explanation! In the proverbial nutshell, I have not been well, in fact, I have had a rather significant operation and am still recovering one day at a time.

That said, I also feel over the moon about my new lease on life - so you can expect to hear more from me here at Alice Jean's in the not to distant future. I am working on some very interesting articles (you will just have to wait and see) and also have a couple of worthwhile projects in the wings, one of which is a brand new blog, very much like Alice Jean's, but without the vintage based theme. Its all rather exciting as it continues to unfold in my mind - I look forward to sharing all this with you.
But in the meantime, thankyou for your understanding of my gradual disappearance from blog land....its good to be home !


  1. Prayers said for you. Hope you are as good as new very soon!

    1. Many many thankyous Campbell Jane. I am heading that direction XX


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