Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Capri Pants and my winter outfits.........

I know they are not really a winter clothing item, but so far the season here in darling little old Cohuna has been so mild, I have been able to get away with capri pants and jumpers/cardi's in real 60's style. I love capri pants - they can be casual or dressed up, they can be made of all sorts of great fabrics, they are warmer than summer dresses, and more comfortable than scratchy tights. What a winning idea European Fashion Designer Sonja de Lennart was on when she created them in 1948. They were worn initially in Italy, particularly the Isle of Capri from where they got their name, and where Grace Kelly was one of the first film stars to be spotted wearing them. (Below is Audrey Hepburn looking cute as pie in her gingham capri's)
By the 1960's capri pant popularity was in full force, coaxed on in America particularly by the television series "The Dick Van Dyke Show" and the character of Laura Petrie, a young housewife played by Mary Tyler More who "caused a fashion sensation - and some mild controversy - by wearing snug fitting capri pants" throughout the series.
I don't know quite why, but people often ask me to put up outfit posts on my blog, maybe its a touch of voyeurism, but I don't mind. Here are two of my recent capri pant outfits (I made the pink ones) and my favourite skirt for good measure. One thing that is terrific about 50's skirts is that in winter time you can team them with modern leggings and stretch out their wearability further into the year !
What are you wearing this wonderfully rainy winter season?

(Ha ha! Trying to fit all of myself in the frame of the mirror with high heels on !!)

(One day, when I teach my babies how to take great photographs, we will get some quality clothing shots instead of these photograph in a mirror attempts !!)


  1. Oh I ache for a pair of capris!!!
    At the moment I'm wearing tights and boots under my dresses.

  2. I can't speak for everyone but I know that I enjoy outfit posts from people as they give me ideas and inspiration for things to wear, or other ways to wear clothes I already own. I love capris - I own a gingham pair but I think a plain pair like the black or white ones you have here would fit into my wardrobe really well.


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