Sunday, April 28, 2013

Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.............

It has been a really REALLY long time since I have done a garden related post, mainly because, in truth, over the last couple of years since my marriage ended I have not had the drive to put into my rental garden in the same way I did my very own patch of earth. However, as part of my employment I had the tremendous privilege of going to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show this past March, and joy of joys, it rekindled the spark/love of gardening within me again. You may be seeing more posts about sustainable vegetable patches in the near future ! In the meantime, enjoy this wander through the gardens and displays of the recent MIFGS - and isnt it a delight to see the swing back to cottage garden plants in landscaping fashions again? I know as a designer I will be glad to see the end of yucca's in every new northern Victorian garden !!!! Happy virtual strolling everyone...............



  1. Love your photo blog! The featured image is just striking. The one with the path and something over the path with people under it is intriguing.

  2. I went there too - was just about to blog about it myself! Bought some chilli plants :)


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