Friday, February 8, 2013

Summer Sewing

Well, the Christmas and summer holidays have been and gone, and Super Mummy had a pretty relaxing time all up - lolling on the banks of Lake Merran and taking an occasional refreshing plunge, dinners at said lake with great friends, coffees at Long Paddock with said friends, hanging at home with lots of great kids flicks, crafts and activities under the air con. Yes indeedy, Super Mummy also had a holiday this summer and feels much better for it. Somewhere in all that recreational relaxation time, Super Mummy also found time to crank out a few new dresses on the sewing machine.....and here they are, ready to be frocked up and hit the town in..... (OK, maybe given my circumstances, hit the coffee shop occasionally is all I can manage, but it's still so much fun to dress up and feel pretty just the same.)
One shoulder, groovy 60's circle motif in cotton

Light and airy peasant dress in embroidered cotton - looks lopsided in this picture but its not in reality

Return to Happiness dress - I chose this fabric for that statement written all over it with lilies of the valley emblems in my favourite colour of green.....

Heavy weight blue evening fabric with black velvet ribbon and black daisy's spotted all over the bodice  I NOTE: Edith Head used alot of blue and black combo's in her costume design......
So - which one grabs your eye? And what have you been sewing lately yourself? Hope your Christmas New Year break was equally productive in whatever tickles your fancy!


  1. I love the peasant dress. Very nice!

  2. Wow Sen! they look amazing you have been so much more productive than me over the Summer. I especially like the white one with the stripes.

  3. Fantastic work Sen! My favourite is the peasant dress. I don't know how you find time to sew in the holidays! I am too busy and too hot! I need move my sewing machine to a room with an airconditioner!!


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