Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Catch a Thief Glasses........

Whats not to love about vintage sunnies - especially cats eyes, studded with dimontees in all sorts of colours? And mens wayfareres or clubmasters are the ultimate in old school cool, dont you agree? (You have probably read before how a pair of classic mens wayfarer style reading glasses makes me go weak at the knees !!) But if you are like me, once you have paid a premium for a great vintage pair on ebay, the last thing you want to do is leave them sitting in your car on a 45 degree northern Victorian summers day, or shove them in your handbag amongst all the other gear in there to get scratched and damaged. And if you are lucky enough to have have a retro sunglasses case for your vintage frames, very ofton I find the case just doesn't fit in my dainty and oh so cute vintage hand bag. Well, to me the obvious solution is to purchase a replica pair of vintage frames for every day use, and save the real deal for special occasion dressing. So with that in mind, take a peek at these lovely numbers, available from Catch A Thief Sunglasses (and photography by the beautiful Brooke at Brooke Orchard Photography) Simply classic style !

Beautiful Readers, I occasionally get asked to host guest posts, or link to other blogs etc for promotional purposes, and I dont always buy into this because a) very often there is no incentive for me to do so, b) the product endorsements have little or no association with the historic theme of my blog or c) I want to steer away from insulting the intellegence of my readership by promoting gimiky crap. If you do see me promoting a service or product on here, you can be sure that I believe in the product, it fits the theme of my blog and I am most likely not receiving any cut from doing so.

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