Saturday, April 14, 2012

Alice Jean's morning tea....

I recently had the very great honour of being asked to host a morning tea for the opening of Cohuna's refurbished kitchen and supper rooms. You can imagine how thrilled I was to be approached to do this - the brief was to have a 50's style morning tea and small frock exhibition with me 'dressed 50's' (aka normal) and I was only too delighted to fill those requirements. Gal pal Brooke was on hand to help me hostess and manage (and lend a beautiful air to the proceedings), my amazing mum helped me bake up a storm, and I also received wonderful assistance from the local ladies of the progress association who totally dressed for the occasion (I have been dreaming of gingham aprons with crosstitching ever since !!) Thank you Ros, Dianne, Denise and Wendy!

The hall and kitchen themselves have come up a treat and are a real credit to the vision of the group of ladies who designed the refurbished kitchen, and then guys who made the vision a reality. The Mayor was on hand give everyone a bit of historical background to the hall complex (more on that from me at a later time - Cohuna has the most outstanding mid century musical history you could possibly imagine) and any number of local and state MP's and government officials also got to sample an Alice Jean's sponge! Oh, and see the new hall upgrade too of course (smile).

All in all it was a delightful day that went off without a hitch - filled with country flowers (thanks again Anne Thompson and Mum), pretty frocks and cream cakes to beat the band ! Here are some snaps....
Shame about the chairs behind the frocks, but we had no option there...


  1. Oh Sen! How wonderful. You did a great job. Looks like it was just perfect. A 1950s tea and clothing. Wow! You do realise, if it wasn't for you, it would have been completely different (and ordinary). Be very proud of yourself. xx

  2. This is becoming a regular event! Looks just as good as last time.

    1. Not as intensive as last time actually Jules....didnt have to make the dress stands this time and there werent as many dresses to display either....still heaps of fun....maybe a career in catering beckons, but I dont think I could stand all the rules and regs etc to do it on a professional basis.....


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