Monday, February 27, 2012

Outre Gallery

While working in the CBD of Melbourne over summer, I happened across the most outstanding gallery I have ever beheld, and I wondered what rock I had been dwelling under to have not heard of this fantastical place before !!! The Outre Gallery in Elizabeth Street, Melbourne is a destinational spot for any lover of modern/mid century design and inspired artists if ever there was one! I found myself in awe of the selection of artist on display, and seriously inspired to up the anti with regard to my personal art collection....what more fitting way to celebrate the various epochs of ones life than by the purchase of a classic work by the likes of Shag, Matte Stephens or Derek Yaniger (apart from painting your own amazing commemorative works of course !!) Here are some samples of the work on offer....

As a placemaker, I am captivated by the works of Matte Stephens - they are so beautiful and he has such a disarming way of capturing the spirit of a city, even when he is not a 'native'...check out Melbourne and Sydney below.......

(I am sooooo saving up for this Melbourne print)

And the always sensational Shag prints....the trouble with his work is that it is nigh on impossible to choose a favourite to purchase, they are all so wonderful........


And my newly discovered love of Derek Yaniger.......I am instantly back in the 60's !!

You simply must visit this gallery - in person or online - to appreciate the calibre of the work they carry......I have been truly inspired...believe me, there will be more about this wonderful place in the future at Alice Jean's......

and if you are in Melbourne this week, here is an event not to be missed at the gallery:

Australian Modern Launch
Exclusive Pre-Opening Floor Talk $20

Prior to our official event on Friday night (7pm), we are holding a special presentation for limited numbers at 6:15pm.

Chris Osborne (Brisbane) is the editor of this new publications Australian Modern and he will graciously be doing a short talk on Antipodean Mid-Century Style and History.

Cost is $20 (cash on the door) which includes ONE magazine (valued at $16), floor talk and refreshments. One partner or friend can also be admitted free (single magazine applies to people coming as a couple)

If you would like to come along to this pre-event at 6:15pm before the official opening, please reserve your place either by calling 9642 5455 or via email


  1. I love Outre! The walls of our lounge/kitchen are COVERED - literally - in art from Outre! We have two James Jean prints, one by Kozyndan which is brilliant because it's a panoramic, and many more. Oh and an ORIGINAL cell from Pink Floyd's The Wall!
    One day I hope to have pieces by Audrey Kawasaki and Tara MacPherson. :-D

  2. I loooove stopping by Outre! I really want to save up for some of those day of the dead pictures by Sylvia!

    1. I know Miss Emmi.....sometimes I feel so guilty just standing there for ages looking at a shag I am longing to buy or something, then walking out without purchasing...... I guess they get alot of dreamers through their doors like me though :o)


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