Sunday, January 22, 2012

Close your eyes and dream momentarily - What inspires you?

Sitting in an enchanting little cafe in Gertrude Street, Fitzroy today (and what a captivating place that part of town is) I was inspired to start a little campaign to find out what inspires my readers....and in doing so, I hope it inspires many others in turn !! I want to ask people three questions, because I believe, especially at the beginning of a year, it is important to reflect on where we are at, who we are and where we are heading....sooo......

What Inspires You?

It could be anything from beaded fabrics to man landing on the moon !

What Is Your Dream?

It could be anything from performing with elephants to cooking through Julia Childs cook book in a year !

What Do You Want from Your Life?

It could be anything from making a difference in the lives of unloved children to becoming the next editor of Vogue

Please feel free to share all your dreams and aspirations, no matter how crazy or wild (the wilder the better if you ask me !!) - because we all know that 'putting it out there', and speaking our dreams, even just realising what our dreams are, can begin to set the wheels in motion to manifest these things in our lives.

And as for me......

What inspires me?

a) the richness of the seasons unfolding around me
b) People who overcome great adversity
c) Miraculous occurrences in the everyday
d) People who do not judge others and live great lives of compassion and unbridled love

What is my dream?

a) To have a beautiful, gracious, warm hearted family who are all wrapped up in love for one another.
b) To look back at my life one day and see it as rich, full, victorious, and lived with great beauty, delight, enchantment and wonder.

What do I want from my life?

a) An inspiring occupation that brings much good to society.
b) Kindred spirit friends and family surrounding me.
c) A pretty home of my own, brimming with creativity and joy, in a pretty place, with a wonderful community and the capacity to be somewhat self sufficient.

Ha ! It is just so hard to limit such imaginative ramblings to a couple of lines isnt it !!! My mind could go on and on with all the wonderful things I aspire to !!!

May you do the same!

May you be inspired as you do so !

May your inspirations be the fuel for others too !!!



  1. What inspires me: other women and their creativity.
    My dream: To continue inspiring other women to live their best lives through my blog.
    What do I want from my life: To be a positive influence on the world around me.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

    1. Glamerous housewife - you ARE a positive influence on the world around you...I love your blog !

  2. I'm definitely inspired by people fulfilling their goals. Kindness, charity and laughter are on the list too...
    As for me, I'm hoping all of the above become a staple for my 2012!
    Oh, and some tap dancing too.

    1. Antonia - Top Dancing! How awesome !! What a wonderful dream...would love to see some pictures of you strutting your Gene Kelly like stuff sometime !!

  3. Art. Especially from the Renaissance. Nature also inspires me. Gardening is my passion. Then, making things.

    My dream is to have a garden again. Not unlike The Wild Little Garden I left behind. And also to make my living from my art and garden. I keep nudging that way. ;)

    What I want from life is the same as my dream; but I also want to constantly reevaluate my life to make sure I have joy and that I am bringing joy to others.


    1. Lynn, I am intrigued by your reference to 'the wild little garden I left behind' - that sounds like a story (albeit possibly a sad one) there...would love to hear your story sometime......

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