Saturday, October 8, 2011

Today's outfit.....

Feeling very much like a country girl, I decided to wear my blue gingham .....I may be kicking around the house and doing some more sewing today, but for the feeling of prettiness it gives me to dress this way, it is so worth it. Having had a few conversations in the past few weeks about dressing and image etc and I have really been evaluating my inner reasons for dressing as I do.....people dress for many and varied reasons - none of which are 'wrong' either if you ask me - to be noticed, to look fashionable, to feel beautiful, to feel comfortable, to be practical, to make an individual statement....... well, for me, the way I dress comes down to simply loving a certain look and finding it to be, for me, the most beautiful expression of creativity and individuality I know. I realised this afresh while watching the 1954 movie "The High and Mighty" with John Wayne last night. I was entranced by all the female characters and their style, and I knew in my heart that for me, this era of dressing simply feels like 'home' in a way no other style does. And after all, for most women, isnt bringing our own expression of beauty to the world simply intrinsic to who we are? I hope so !


  1. Ha! Blue gingham - the skirt I am making is in blue gingham - seersucker too. LOVE yours - it looks comfortable AND stylish.

    I think my reasons for dressing the way I do are the same as yours. It feels so much better to be in vintage (bought or home-made from patterns), I'm not just another average girl on the street that way. The silhouettes are so much more flattering too.

  2. We watched The High and Mighty last night too and loved the women in it. Even while thinking they were plunging their deaths, they looked shine free, lipsticked and hair perfect!

    You look gorgeous in your gingham. I have a red gingham wiggle I am itching to wear when it gets warm enough.

    I also LUV your laminate Kesenya! The chairs are divine!

  3. You look so pretty! I love that dress, did you make it or buy it? x

  4. You look lovely, cool and fresh. I love to dress like this too, alas it's not good for the garden. I know I've tryed.


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