Thursday, January 27, 2011

An outfit for a summers day....

Feeling rather dowdy and more than a little despondant, what with the flood crisis in my part of the world and all, I decided that my best effort at cheering myself (as is my usual method) would be to put some thought into my outfit for the least then I go through my day feeling good about myself and how I look. So, here is today's summery outfit which was perfect for taking my kidletts to the park in the morning and sitting by the pool in the evening while they splashed and played and generally wore themselves out !! I made this dress a few years ago from some vintage late 60's material and I love wearing it...not least of all because the vintage pattern gives me a more curvacious figure ! It is a light fabric with a bit of 'give' and I just adore the aqua colour...I need to find myself more of such eye catching stuff !!!!


  1. Vavavoum ! Sexy Lady !!! ;)

  2. Woo that's a gorgeous colour - looks fab with your new hair.

  3. Lovely! Everything looks perfect.

    Rejoice. you are blessed.

  4. Great fabric. I love this outfit. =]
    -Andi x

  5. I can see why you would more of the same, you look great.

  6. Perfect vintage outfit for Summer, hope it isn't too hot for you!



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