Thursday, November 28, 2013


Isnt she adorable? You gotta love a beautiful Barbie - especially one carrying a turkey ! She's the Holiday Hostess Barbie #4 and for a Barbie collector like me, she's one to put on the "indulgence" list.
But thanksgiving know, we don't actually have the celebration here in Australia, however I would love it if we did. Taking a moment to be grateful for all that we have can only bring a country, a community, a family, an individual joy in the long run.....
I have had a trying year (who hasn't!) with surgery, relationship dramas, children's physical and emotional bumps and bruises, but in August I empowered myself by choosing to find something to celebrate in each day. I began by taking a photograph of the something and posted it on facebook every day for about a month....this in turn moved into more private realms as I noted the little things that bought me joy. May I just say, it altered my brain patterns for the better, and as the conclusion of 2013 draws near I can honestly say I am thinking more lovingly, more freely and more joyfully than back when I started the gratitude journey. I am no longer as weighted down with concerns about what people think of me (ego), as I choose to celebrate the 'me' alive in each moment. Have been reading a lot of Erkhardt Tole, Deepak Chopra and Louise Hay which has also contributed to my new 'present in the moment' living - I highly recommend their works.
So, as I sit and ponder what I am grateful for this thanksgiving 2014, I really think my truth is that I am grateful for the spiritual journey of gratitude itself .... it is helping me overcome episodes of 'lowness', making me care for myself better (self compassion is a wonderful thing!) and helping me leave behind the curse of 'wanting' that coloured my life in the past. I have discovered there is so much wonder in this moment, I squander it by chasing more, more, more all the time.
My wish for each of you this thanksgiving is that you will discover the magic in the moment you are in - the people in your lives, the food on your table, the creative endeavours you are undertaking, the snuggly-ness of winter or the sunshine of summer wherever you are in the world.....enjoy the moment!

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