Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Daily outfit.....visitors for morning tea.....

Last week the incomparable Bec Sherlock and Heather Hensley joined me for morning tea - and this is what I wore to entertain my guests. My favourite green beads ($10 at some cheapy shop), a black silk like tank top that I have had since day dot, cute little brown Country Road cardi that I scored at an op shop in Nihl about 10 years ago ( I hoard everything), and a fun little skirt I made this summer from the most beautiful mid century polished cotton fabric I found at the local Trash and Treasure for two bucks....couldnt be happier with that !!!

This was actually the last time I wore my hair ah la 1950's. I have made the move into the next decade in an attempt to keep my 'youth' just a bit longer. I love 1950's hair - especially when it is platinum or red, but I am attempting to give some health back to my fried locks, so it needs a bit of rest from the intense dying and bleaching it has been exposed to over the past two years...... next time you see me I will be sporting a quite different, although still mid century, style !!!


  1. You are sooooo divine! I am dying over your skirt!

  2. Love the whole thing! Can't wait to see the new do.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

    1. Thanks beautiful......posting it soon. XOXO


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