Friday, December 2, 2011

Music of the Moment - Nick Waterhouse

OH MY GOODNESS !!! I have just made an awesome discovery thanks to a beautiful fellow blogger - thanks Desirae !!! Hot (and I mean sizzling!!) on the heals of my last post about the lure of the George McFly/Buddy Holly-esk geeky-cool look.....check out Nick Waterhouse !!! His authentic sounding R&B 45's leave me jaw open, eye's popping and ears thrilling !!! Mohair Slim, if you read this post - can we get this guy on our shores somehow !!!!!! In the meantime, enjoy everybody !!!! (Click on the images below for the youtube links....)


  1. Oh my! Swoon! Love the music, too. Thanks for bringing him to my attention :D
    -Andi x


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