Monday, October 25, 2010

An angel in her Grandmothers dress.....

I simply had to share these photos with you all (after allot of fiddling and playing with them by me!!) Here is one of my baby angels, all dressed up and looking mischievous (as always) in her Grandmothers 58 year old dress. Isn't it just too cute - the smocking and filmy fabric is beautiful. This dress was made by hand by my angel's great great grandmother and it is still in pristine condition. Children's dresses of mid century are precious items, do treasure them if you happen across one......after all, think of the playing and mud and dirt and play dough etc etc that children's clothing is subjected to !! To last 50 or 60 years is a marvelous achievement !! That said, I believe this little number was a 'Sunday Best' and Angel's great grandmother was always very strict about Sunday clothes being taken off and put away as soon as they arrived home from church - hence we now have this little family jewel to adore !!! And the Angel isn't half bad either !!!


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