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Cohuna - a hiden gem

I love old buildings, and there are plenty of lovely ones where I live. But what's the point of having the prettiest house in the world if you feel disconnected from your community? I am so lucky to live in Cohuna and its surrounding regions. We have such an artistic and progressive little community so I thought I'd share all about it with you.

After all, isn't part of a mid century culture an idealistic (albeit an unrealistic) romanticism towards the 'happy little township' - think about the community in Happy Days, meeting at Arnolds or the Hardware store. How about the million little 50's sitcoms set in active communities - Petticoat Junction, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, Greenacres and I could go on and on. All the stereo typical characters, the over the top (unrealistic) sugary sweetness of life - what's not to love about that pretty daydream?
Don't get me wrong - I know life is not like a crazy 50's sitcom !! But I do love small towns with their fascinating dynamics, quirky people, and huge potential ! Let me show you mine.....
Cohuna is a quaint township on the banks of the Gunbower Creek and is one of a very small handful of places with a one sided main street that overlooks the prettiest view, river and parklands. Its surrounded by irrigated dairylands, national parks, and waterways. A stones throw from shopping and nightlife in nearby Echuca, yet a township full of activity, driven people keen to see things happening in their town. We have the hippest dance school out, the town is buzzing with artists and sculptures, furniture makers, spinners, weavers, sewers and craftspeople galore. A stones throw away is the beginning of The Backroads Trail - gourmet food tour, all in this peaceful undiscovered regional paradise.


I am part of a committee dedicated to facilitating the vitality of the younger generations here, encouraging entrepreneurship in Cohuna and running a number of exciting projects for the town. Some of the wonderful things we have waiting to be unleashed include theatre, opera, live music, singles and young family events amidst all the sport, nature and music heritage that exists. See our Facebook page - Get Your Backside Creekside - here.....

And our little home grown promo....... Click on the photograph
And great opportunities too.....
Here is a link to the facebook page all about Cohuna's rich mid century music history - one of the key townships on the 60's dance circuit, we hosted such names as the Bee Gees, John Farnham, Crispen St Peters, Rob EG, Normie Rowe, The Group, Judy Stone and the list, literally, goes on and on and on............Cohuna Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and check out some photographs and music of all the famous faces who performed at Cohuna over the years......
And here are some of the pre 1960's style homes (and buildings) on offer right now for a fraction of the price of Melbourne - that is one of the awesome things about a small town like Cohuna - you can own your own home AND be a part of a vibrant, and in this case artistic and increasingly boutique and organic food area. (Click on the picture for more details about each)
87a King George, Cohuna, Vic 3568
 14 Sampson Street, Cohuna, Vic 3568
109 KING EDWARD ST, Cohuna, Vic 3568
22 DALTONS ROAD, Cohuna, Vic 3568
6139 Murray Valley Highway, Cohuna, Vic 3568
5-7 William Street, Cohuna, Vic 3568
160 King George Street, Cohuna, Vic 3568
85 CHANNEL STREET, Cohuna, Vic 3568
13 George Street, Cohuna, Vic 3568
1 Sampson Street, Cohuna, Vic 3568
Come for a holiday - stay for a lifetime ! 

Thankyou to local photographer Bruce Clymo for some of these images.

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